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      Professional Psychiatric Services In Cape Coral

Dealing with mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder, mood disorder, etc., can be challenging and can alter your overall personality while affecting your confidence as well as your ability to function throughout each day. If that’s what you’re also experiencing, you may benefit from a psychiatrist.

A Safe & Mindful Space For Patients

Xpress Psychiatry is a specialist psychiatric and mental health wellness center offering online psychiatry services delivered through telecommunications technology such as videoconferencing. Our team takes pride in being dedicated to helping patients get the required care to find relief from their mental health problems with a range of treatment methods and lifestyle changes.

With Xpress Psychiatry, you will have the support of Dr. William Junior Pittack, a licensed medical doctor in Psychiatry, who has been serving patients for a long time. Each session of treatment involves the patients talking about their thoughts and feelings with Dr. Pittack. On the basis of the initial communication, a proper treatment plan is crafted. There are many benefits of treatment provided by our specialist psychiatrist in Cape Coral, FL, including the following:

•    Reduce anxiety
•    Treat depression
•    Benefit relationships
•    Control obsessions
•    Learn to cope

Contact Us Today for the best mental wellness support.

Our team is focused on providing the required help and support to patients dealing with mental health conditions with the use of medications. Contact us at 305-975-2483 to get a free consultation.

Payment Options for Psychiatric Evaluation by Video Facetime or WhatsApp.


Zelle. $399 to “Júnior Pittack” at 305-975-2483


Venmo $399 to “William Pittack” at 305-975-2483


ApplePay text payment $399 at 305-975-2483


  1. Or cash app $399 at tag 

  2. $WilliamPittackMD at 305-975-2483

The ADHD patient's health is the top priority when it comes to Xpress Psychiatry. We know how difficult it is to deal with mental health issues, and we strive to do our best to help them lead a normal life. Connect with us today!

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