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We’re The Anxiety & Mental Health Specialists

Mental health problems like depression and anxiety are very common, yet the most misunderstood disorders of mental health. This is the reason that not every individual dealing with the symptoms related to anxiety and depression feels free to discuss the problem with anyone. Some even fear visiting the clinic of a psychiatrist in Miramar. This is why Dr. William Junior Pittack brings a revolutionary way to help deal with the problems; psychiatric evaluation over FaceTime or WhatsApp audiovideo.

The process is quite simple with Xpress Psychiatry, you call 305-975-2483 to discuss your problems with Dr. Pittack, known as the best psychiatrist in Miramar. Once you’re assured about the services, you can make the payment and then send a text at 305-975-2483 so that we can verify the payment and set the appointment time.

A quick psychiatric evaluation will be done over FaceTime or WhatsApp audiovideo by Dr. Junior Pittack and based on the symptoms you are facing, psychiatric medication management follow-up or consult can be made to help improve your mental health.

As one of the most trusted platforms for getting the best psychiatric services from a specialist psychiatrist in Miramar, Xpress Psychiatry pays great attention to mental health disorders. We can help deal with various kinds of mental health disorders, including

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Bipolar disorder

  • ADHD

  • Schizophrenia

Our team is readily available on phone calls so you can approach us anytime to get the required support. So connect with us today for more!

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