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Rediscover Your Mental Wellbeing With Xpress Psychiatry

Finding it hard to concentrate?
Have too many thoughts going on in your mind all the time?
Struggling to relax?

Feeling low or flat?
Have less energy?

They’re all the symptoms of imbalanced mental health! But there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about as we all face such situations in a lifetime and the good news is that you don’t have to handle the situation all alone.

Xpress Psychiatry is an industry leader in private mental health care provided by Dr. William Junior Pettick, a licensed medical doctor in Psychiatry and known as the best psychiatrist in Miami Gardens. 

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced people, dedicated to offering you comprehensive and integrated mental health treatment services over FaceTime or WhatsApp audiovideo. You can simply directly Dr. Pittack at 305-9752483 and get started with the treatment by a specialist psychiatrist in Miami Gardens.

Wondering how long you’d have to wait to get an appointment with an experienced psychiatrist in Miami Gardens? Don’t worry as Dr. Pittack is readily available as he offers the convenience of instant appointments the same day, which means there are no waiting, no driving or no waiting rooms involved. You will get the consultation done with the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you feel comfortable.

The process is quite simple, you make payment and then text Dr. Pittack at 305-975-2483 to get the appointment. So don’t waste your time; connect with Dr. William Junior Pittack now.

Payment Options for Psychiatric Evaluation by Video Facetime or WhatsApp.


Zelle. $399 to “Júnior Pittack” at 305-975-2483


Venmo $399 to “William Pittack” at 305-975-2483


ApplePay text payment $399 at 305-975-2483


  1. Or cash app $399 at tag 

  2. $WilliamPittackMD at 305-975-2483

The ADHD patient's health is the top priority when it comes to Xpress Psychiatry. We know how difficult it is to deal with mental health issues, and we strive to do our best to help them lead a normal life. Connect with us today!


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