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      Personalized Mental Wellness By Xpress Psychiatry

Hello and welcome to Xpress Psychiatry, a boutique psychiatry service providing assessments and treatment plans. The team consists of highly experienced and trained professionals, which is led by Dr. William Junior Pittack, a licensed medical doctor in Psychiatry. Dr. Pittack has been known as one of the most recommended and experienced names when it comes to choosing the best psychiatrist in Gainesville as he has been serving patients dealing with various kinds of mental health problems such as:

•    Depression
•    Anxiety
•    Bipolar disorder
•    ADHD
•    Schizophrenia


When you choose Xpress Psychiatry, you know that your mental health is in safe hands as our services are centered on the values of compassion and respect. Each patient here is treated with care from their first contact. This approach is what makes us the top clinic for a psychiatrist in Gainesville FL and it continues when patients see our psychiatrist.

Reasons to choose us

Trained Professional Specialist - Dr. William Junior Pittack has been serving patients for years, specializing in delivering high-quality mental health to those who trust him for great support, which makes him the best psychiatrist in Gainesville.
We Care About You – We understand that dealing with mental health issues can be traumatic, which is why we welcome you and maintain a kind approach throughout your care. In case you have any concerns, you can approach him directly at 305-975-2483.
When you trust Xpress Psychiatry for your mental wellness, we ensure to take care of everything and provide the best.

Payment Options for Psychiatric Evaluation by Video Facetime or WhatsApp.


Zelle. $399 to “Júnior Pittack” at 305-975-2483


Venmo $399 to “William Pittack” at 305-975-2483


ApplePay text payment $399 at 305-975-2483


  1. Or cash app $399 at tag 

  2. $WilliamPittackMD at 305-975-2483

The ADHD patient's health is the top priority when it comes to Xpress Psychiatry. We know how difficult it is to deal with mental health issues, and we strive to do our best to help them lead a normal life. Connect with us today!

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