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Benefits of Consulting a Mental Health Professional for psychiatrist at Xpress Psychiatry


Seeking professional help is vital to understand any mental disorder. It is a state when our mind cannot control cognitive, perpetual, and behavioral abnormalities. Let's talk about how consulting our psychiatrist is the best way to deal with mental health issues:

  • We aim at helping our patients to make significant personal changes by pinpointing the specific traumas and challenges in a subtle way to get a productive solution. 

  • We plan healing procedures to give them the power to alleviate the symptoms.

  • We help in improving the quality of life of the people through our exclusive treatments and medications. 

Why Choose Xpress Psychiatry?

People struggling with mental health challenges must reach out to us to get back a life that you never thought was possible before. Keep reading to know why you should choose Xpress Psychiatry as your go-to psychiatrist in Coral Springs Florida!

  • We arrange innovative and high-quality treatment procedures at an affordable rate for our patients. 

  • Our professionals do not compromise on the comfort and health of our patients at any cost. 

  • We have also arranged an emergency line available for our patient’s convenience, which is open 24/7 online.

  • Without any delay for waiting or driving, we instantly sign up for an appointment on the same day, which costs $399 only. 

  • We even recommend medications for two months through WhatsApp and FaceTime. An additional $199 is needed in case of refiling or changing of medicine for another two months. 

Payment Options for Psychiatric Evaluation by Video Facetime or WhatsApp.


Zelle. $399 to “Júnior Pittack” at 305-975-2483

 Venmo $399 to “William Pittack” at 305-975-2483

 ApplePay text payment $399 at 305-975-2483


  1. Or cash app $399 at tag 

  2. $WilliamPittackMD at 305-975-2483

All you need to do is register and leave a text, and your appointment with a Coral Springs psychiatrist is fixed! Get in touch with us today itself. We guarantee to provide you with some outstanding service which will help you to improve your mental health condition to a great extent!

What to Expect During Your Psychiatric Evaluation

Your psychiatric evaluation will begin with a comprehensive assessment of your mental health history and current symptoms. Dr. Pittack will ask you questions about your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and medical history. He may also perform a physical exam and order any necessary laboratory tests.

Once he has a complete understanding of your situation, Dr. Pittack will develop a personalized treatment plan. This may include medication, therapy, or a combination of both. He will also provide you with resources and support to help you manage your mental health condition.

Contact Xpress Psychiatry Today

If you are looking for a psychiatrist in Coral Springs, FL, contact Xpress Psychiatry today. We offer convenient, affordable, and expert psychiatric services. Schedule your appointment today and start your journey to better mental health.

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