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Get Exemplary Depression Treatment Services in Miami at Xpress Psychiatry

According to the statistical reports, one out of five Americans suffer from mental health issues, and one out of twenty-five Americans suffer from chronic mental health illnesses like severe depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and many more. These numbers are of great concern. But still, why do people not talk about it upfront?

Some may casually shy away from accepting it, while some may have a fear of getting criticized. Whatever be the reason, we are here to let you understand the significance of mental health awareness and how you can face it with ease. 

To get the best depression treatment in Miami, you cannot miss out on the fantastic facilities and services that Xpress Psychiatry provides to its patients.

How Does Depression Affect Overall Health? 

Depression portrays different symptoms in every individual's body. It changes the way your body and brain functions typically and shows several noticeable changes, including:

  • Messed up sleep cycle.

  • Lack of energy to concentrate.

  • Lack of interest to do any activity.

  • Lack of appetite.

  • Feeling of hopelessness.

  • Suicidal thoughts and a few more.

These are some symptoms you observe when you are in depression and need depression help in Miami.  If five or more of these symptoms are there for a prolonged time, it's a sign of signal depression. However, depression is curable through the best depression treatment Miami FL at Xpress Psychiatry.

You might wonder, what is the origin of this mental illness? Well, there can be several causes of depression, such as:

  • Any extreme traumatic experience at an early age.

  • It can be a result of genetic illness.

  • Influence of a relationship, financial or marital issues.

  • Excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol causes depressive episodes for people. 

How Can You Deal with Depression?

From youngsters to adults, anybody can suffer from depression or mild depressive symptoms. Age is a mere factor here. It is entirely normal to address such illness as soon as possible and get depression treatment to improve your mental and overall health. Here are some ways our psychiatrist at Xpress Psychiatry follows to help his patients cope with depression. Let's have a look!

  • Counseling: Depression can be highly devastating, so its needs to be handled very carefully by a specialist in offering the best depression help in Miami. . We provide patient-centered counseling after understanding and analyzing their current symptoms to improve their mental healthcare.

  • Medication: Common medications that we use to treat depression or depressive symptoms include Lexapro (escitalopram), Zoloft (Sertraline), Prozac (fluoxetine), Paxil (paroxetine), Effexor (venlafaxine), and many others.

  • Psychotherapy: Our therapy bridges the gap between your current situation and where you want to be in the future. These are interactive sessions including cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy and a few more to increase the sense of well-being in an individual.

At Xpress Psychiatry, Dr. William Pittack conducts a psychiatric evaluation to study the medical history of the patient's difficulties and stressors. We also provide a follow-up med management session after the assessment, along with psychological interventions.


Why Choose Xpress Psychiatry for Depression Treatment?

Our psychiatry claims to provide the best depression treatment Miami FL, and here are some exclusive features about our psychiatrist, Dr. Pittack and the treatment services provided by him:

  • We are open 24/7 to cater to our patient's needs according to their convenience.

  • Our doctor uses medically advanced techniques and procedures.

  • We allow instant appointment booking without any delay, only at $399. 

  • We prescribe medication through WhatsApp and FaceTime app.  

Payment Options for Psychiatric Evaluation by Video Facetime or WhatsApp.


Zelle. $399 to “Júnior Pittack” at 305-975-2483


Venmo $399 to “William Pittack” at 305-975-2483


ApplePay text payment $399 at 305-975-2483


  1. Or cash app $399 at tag 

  2. $WilliamPittackMD at 305-975-2483

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